When the mouse is put on the package image, details of the commodity are displayed.

★ Discount service ★

  • Order 3 titles and get a $30(20EUR) discount
  • Order 5 titles and get a $50(35EUR) discount
  • Order 8 titles and get a $80(55EUR) discount
  • Order 10 titles and get a $100(70EUR) discount
  • There is discount service every time 3 and 5 are bought.

※ Set commodity(GAS-005&007, GASX-001) counts one commodity.

★ Payment ★
We started using Paypal service.
If you need another way of payment, please send me cash or IPMO(International Postal Money Order)by postal office,not by Bank.

Mailing address
Seiza Shinjuku 601, 1-12-2
Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,  Japan
Postal Code 169-0073

★ Carriage ★
The carriage is included in the amount of money.

★ Currency ★
US Dollar or Euro

★ Sending ★
I will send out the commodity as soon as the price reaches. I will send it by EMS.
It reports within one week and it comes if it is North America and Europe.

★ Inquiry ★

Pay, and about sending out

The manner of payment becomes only EMS of the post office OR Paypal.

Other manner of payments are not accepted.

a badge imageThis badge means that the one has English translation from Japanese of contents summary or details. It will be help for you.

Select Actresses


  • Nayu Satsuki
  • Sara Himeno
  • Ami Fukada
  • Sora Nanami
  • Reiko Yumeno
  • Eri Hamazaki
  • Jun Minami
  • Mitsuki An
  • Momoka Yamada
  • Mikan Hoshino
  • Rin Kajika
  • Mona Yuuki
  • Hana Uehara
  • Noa Aikawa
  • Riko Aino
  • Yuzuki Sakura
  • Eri Kazuki
  • Hinata Shirakawa
  • Yume Sazanami
  • Yuu Ogawa
  • Rin Hibiki
  • Elle Shimon
  • Aya Misaki
  • Kurumi Mirumiru
  • Yukina Saegusa
  • Mana Kawai
  • Kira Namikaze
  • Shizuka Tanigawa
  • Seri Ishiguro
  • YUNA
  • Ellen Joe
The #1 big breasted actress, Joe Eren, debut anniversary
Special sale only available on our website.

GAS-005"The Super Big Tits JOE"
GAS-007"The Super Big Tits JOE 2"

Includes both videos and a "Super Big Tits Joe" poster
at a special price of $60 which includes shipping.
Delivery will be via EMS. (takes less than a week)