We usually sell only DVDs.
If you want downloads, we recommend you to check R18.com.
At R18.com, items will be available after 6 month since DVD release date.
And if you can't access or download at the R18.com, please mail us.

★R18.com Search★

If you want to seach R18.com by Item Number, input 3-digit into textbox below.
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We usually sell download movies 6 month after DVD release date.



★ Discount service ★

  • Order 3 titles and get a $30(20EUR) discount
  • Order 5 titles and get a $50(35EUR) discount
  • Order 8 titles and get a $80(55EUR) discount
  • Order 10 titles and get a $100(70EUR) discount
  • There is discount service every time 3 and 5 are bought.

※ Set commodity(GAS-005&007, GASX-001) counts one commodity.

★ Payment ★

Paypal is also available.
If you need another way of payment, please send me cash or IPMO(International Postal Money Order)by postal office,not by Bank.

Mailing address
Seiza Shinjuku 601, 1-12-2
Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,  Japan
Postal Code 169-0073


★ Carriage ★

The carriage is included in the amount of money.

★ Currency ★

US Dollar or Euro

★ Sending ★

I will send out the commodity as soon as the price reaches. I will send it by EMS.
It reports within one week and it comes if it is North America and Europe.

Pay, and about sending out

The manner of payment becomes only EMS of the post office OR Paypal.

Other manner of payments are not accepted.

a badge imageThis badge means that the one has English translation from Japanese of contents summary or details. It will be help for you.

Select Actresses


The #1 big breasted actress, Joe Eren, debut anniversary
Special sale only available on our website.

GAS-005"The Super Big Tits JOE"
GAS-007"The Super Big Tits JOE 2"

Includes both videos and a "Super Big Tits Joe" poster
at a special price of $60 which includes shipping.
Delivery will be via EMS. (takes less than a week)