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Q: I think I’ve seen H videos selling for Y15300. Do people really pay
that much for just ONE video? How many people buy each video tape you

A: The Y15300 (about $150US) is the price for RENTAL VIDEO SHOPS. Our
customer prices range from Y3900-Y12000 ($40-$120). Although I don’t
know the exact number of how many people buy, my guess is between

Q: Is there a real plot in your films? Who writes the film? You?

A: Yes, I write the films.

Q: How much work is there before and after actually shooting the film?

A: A lot! Before shooting, I write the script, develop a plot, prepare
and organize studios and locations, contact and contract actors.
After, I do all the editing and other post production. It costs at
Y1,000,000 (about $10,000) at minimum.

Q: Why do the actors do it? (money, lust, curiosity…?)

A: 1. money, 2. curiosity, 3. Dick and Harriet(?), 4. other reasons

Q: Does this mean you do everything except the acting yourself? You
make the plot, get the studio, get the actors, do the photography (?)
and edit it and then just give it to someone else to distribute? Or do
you contact stores yourself do distribute it?

A: I can’t do everything. I make the plot, give instructions to
assistants to book studios and contact actors, and edit. After
editing, I ship the DVDs to stores and customers.

Q: If a film advertises “highschool” girls etc., are they REALLY
highschool girls?

A: No. All our actresses are of legal age (18 or older). They are
“fake highschool girls”. But in my videos “NURSES”, ”HOUSEWIFE”,
”UNIVERSITY STUDENT” are not fake. This is their actual career. I am
very proud of this point.

Q: So is 18 the minimum age for having sex in Japan? Or is that just
for movies (or whatever)?

A: Yes. It is illegal for a person who is under the age of 18 to
appear in an adult movie.

Q: What is the tomoki-mu@mailgw.aix.or.jp address in your homepage for
(I can’t read the Japanese)?

A: He is the engineer of this pages.
Murata-san’s comment: “I’m Takatsuki-san’s assistant director in his
videos, too. I’ve been interested in computers ever since I bought my
first computer 12 years ago. Also, I like many concerts and live
performances.. rock and pop musical (These days, I love Ben Folds Five
and The Presidents of USA and Gorkys Zykic Manki..). And I love
mystery novel, too..”

Q: Are all your films “big busty”?

A: No, I’ve made many many types of videos. But I’ve dedicate this
website to specialize in Japanese Big-Busty girls.

Q: Who is the best BIG-BUSTY girl in Japan,you think?

A: It’s tough to say, but maybe the best BIG-BUSTY girl I’ve shot is
MIYUKI OHKI. Her boobs have a great shape.

Q: Teach me your list of BIG-BUSTY VIDEOS.

A: Sorry, right now I’m working on a photo list of my videos. It’ll
take a bit of time. Thank you so much for your patience!

Q: Why a Diary on the Internet?

A: Personally, I like it. I think the love of BIG-BUSTY girls is
international. I want more foreigners to watch and enjoymy VIDEOS, and
talk about Japanese BIG-BUSTY girls.

Q: Does that mean you are planning to sell your videos over the net?

A: Yes, I’m thinking to sell the Japanese BIG-BUSTY videos. I want to
talk with people in every country about Japanese big busty girls on
net. I haven’t made a system to sell yet. And would love it if you let
me know what kind of videos you like, and want kind of contents you
like. The more I hear from you, the better I can make my videos!

Q: What exactly does an AV movie director do?

A: Write scripts, select actors, direct, and edit.

Q: So how often do you shoot movies? Is it hard work?

A: I shoot 3-4 a month.

Q: What type of AV do you prefer to make? SM or some other type?

A: I prefer shooting of non professional girls to shooting of
professional girls (like AI IIJIMA, do you know her?). I really like
to shoot big-busty girls.

Q: But do you think they are hard to direct?

A: No, not at all. They are often very easy to shoot. Shooting
professional-girls are the same as amateurs.
They cannot act, and do not real-sex (it’s only fake). they have many
controls. (?)
Professional-girls belong to big production companies.
Non-professional girls belong to minor production companies. Big
production companies has a lot of rules that producers must follow. So
and I am limited to what I can do with the professional girls.
One common rule is”no real sex”. So that means I must shoot fake sex.
But with non-professional girls, I can shoot real sex.
There aren’t as many restrictions with Non-professional girls. That’s
why I prefer shooting Non-professional girls.

Q: How did you find someone to distribute your movies?
Do you belong to some big AV movie house?

A: Yes, I have an agreement with a distributor. We split the profits.
Half of all goes to the company, and I am paid the other half.

Q: Are big busty Japanese women difficult to find? And how do you find
your female actresses? Do you find them on the train?
Or do they come to your office and ask for a job in AV?

A: Yes, they are so difficult to find! There aren’t many Big-busty
girls in Japan.

Q: I’m looking for their photographs on night-custom magazine(can you
understand?) everyday. And I’ll go to the shop for persuade her.

A: Night-custom means a profession of entertainment. It contains a
prostitute. (?)

Q: I have heard that the display of the penis, in videos or magazines,
is illegal in Japan. Why is it illegal and what is the punishment for

A: Why.. ummm.. I don’t know why it’s still illegal. They think it
obscene. The punishment for it is only a penalty and a news item of
the media. (?)

Q: In the USA, pornography is discouraged by the general public, and
yet it flourishes. What is the attitude towards pornography in Japan?

A: Pornography is popular in Japan, too. Its like “little show business”.
It is not looked down upon as in The US. You might fight a business
man in the train reading an adult comic.

Q: What is considered pornography in Japan? Is it very different from
what is considered pornography in the USA and Europe?

A: Umm.. it’s difficult to say in English. In Japan ordinary people
(house-wives, college students, working people) come to our business.
They say “I want to perform in video”. It’s becoming much more popular
compared with 4 or 5 years ago.