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We usually sell only DVDs.
If you want downloads, we recommend you to check
At, items will be available after 6 month since DVD release date.
And if you can’t access or download at the, please mail us.

★ Search★

If you want to seach by Item Number, input 3-digit into textbox below.
SEARCH FORMAT:”71gas00xxx”
If you want “GAS-322”, then input “71gas00322”.
We usually sell download movies one month after DVD release date.


Contact us

★ Discount service ★

    • Order 3 titles and get a $30(20EUR) discount
    • Order 5 titles and get a $50(35EUR) discount
    • Order 8 titles and get a $80(55EUR) discount
    • Order 10 titles and get a $100(70EUR) discount
    • There is discount service every time 3 and 5 are bought.

    ※ Set commodity(GAS-005&007, GASX-001) counts one commodity.

    ★ Payment ★

    Paypal is also available.
    If you need another way of payment, please send me cash or IPMO(International Postal Money Order)by postal office,not by Bank.
    Mailing address

    CINEMA UNIT GAS  AKIRA TAKATSUKI,KS building 801, 4-38-15 takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,  JapanPostal Code 169-0075

    ★ Carriage ★

    The carriage is included in the amount of money.

    ★ Currency ★

    US Dollar or Euro

    ★ Shipping ★

    I will ship the commodity as soon as the receipt of money at PayPal.
    It takes for you within ten days to receive package from Tokyo to North America and Europe.

    Pay, and about delivery
    The manner of payment becomes only EMS of the post office OR Paypal. Other manner of payments are not accepted.

Currently, the United States does not accept EMS at post offices because
of COVID-19.
In the case of the United States, we will ship it by International Small
Registered mail cannot be attached.
As soon as the situation improves, We will return to the post office EMS
as before.

★ Caution ★

If you don’t receive package by customs in your country, we can’t have responsibility
We have could not ship DVDs to Chinese consumer at once by Chinese custom agent.
We can not repay to consumer by reason of custom agent.