GAS-279 The Super Body Very Lengthwise Balloons : Marino Hoshizaki


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Actress Marino Hoshizaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/4/20 Number GAS-279
Time 120 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

Have you ever seen these super huge tits before?! The nipples hang down to her belly button. But they are thick, not flappy and itchy-bitchy nipples stand on her big pepperonis. “This is the best titfuck I’ve ever had in my life” exclaimed one of AV actor shot with her. Your jaw would drop when you watch the tits of Marino Hoshizaki! You can watch her exclusive d?but only at GAS!

Marino Hoshizaki
5’10” B119cm (L-cupped) W 61, H89

She is a laid-back kind of girl, not a Gyaru, but likes to be dressed cute. Once naked, you would say holy shit! Her tits hang down to her belly button. She has no love handles. When looking up to her tits, you are amazed how voluscious the tits are and how huge their pepperonis are. Even though her tits are cooled by the cold shower and she lies flat, they can hold them up.

1. First softcore

Marimo is shy and nervous. An actor kisses her and reveals her tits off her clothes. Her pepperonis are huge! Fondled and licked. She still is composed but grimes at the dick hanging in her front. You look up and would be amazed how voluscious her tits are especially when she blowjobs. Her pussy is wet now. Maybe she is a real horny babe. Her titfuck wraps the dick completely. Once nailed, she becomes hornier. Her tits bounce on her cowgirl riding. Her tits and belly makes humping sounds. He cums between her tight tits.

2. Tony’s softcore

It’s one of Tony’s repertoires that plays softcore fetish. He never shows us boring fetish plays, and always makes his partner aroused and happy. He lets her touch his son, arouses her and spends a good time with a vibe until she comes. Marino shows us how really she is aroused.

3. Titfuck

He gives hard squeezes to her tits in bikini and they pop out easily. Her nipples almost touch her belly button. Her tits are so thick that his cock travels back and forth horizontally through her tits. Our professional titfucker cries out loud and many “Amazing!” His cock near to her lap and tits ejaculates a cumshot up to her hairs. He cries out “so huge and thick that he inserts his pole through her melons horizontally and deep. The bigger is better!”

4. Fetish sex

They are lovey dovey now, kiss French, and rub suck her tits. The way to shoot them is erotic and dam good! Marino charges and sucks him with her lips. He is about to nail his cock in, but rubs it against her sizzling cunt. She swallows his cumshot.