GAS-283 The Big Tits Scout Caravan 5 in Japan and USA


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Actress Ai, Aki Haneda, Saeko, Lexy Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/5/18 Number GAS-283
Time 120 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

We bird-dogged non-pro 3 tits all around Japan and a black chick introduced by our American fan (Chick’s name is Lexy, 19 year olds and I-cupped). She is our first guest actress from America.
The first one from Osaka is an H-cupped tit we interviewed and fucked! The second is a horny J-cupped also from Osaka: she wants fucked in front of the mirror. The third babe, L-cupped from Tokyo, cummed many times in our shooting. All four girls are AV shot first time. We welcome your feedback on them and will shoot the best alone later.

1. Her video name is Ai from Osaka (19 year olds)

5’ 33” (161cm), B 102cm (H-cupped), W 67cm, H 88cm
This is in the room at a hotel where our Director Takatsuki takes a photo shooting on her. She applied herself for our shooting and this is when they meet each other first time. Ai is a real cutie. She is a down-to-earth girl who works part time to live. We first have a photo shooting session, an interview and show her the backstage of our AV shooting where our director does a POV sex shooting with her. Her cloth-covered tits, once revealed, are bigger than they look and he is so excited. He holds back taking her clothes off patiently and plays around with her covered body. Her body is sensitive and frantic-jerky once fondled by him. As her sugar daddy, he plays and dominates her: teases, fondles and bangs her.

2. Her video name is Saeko (22 year olds)

5’ 14” (156cm), B 120cm (J-cupped), W 75cm ,H 100cm
I spent a half year in persuading this girl named Saeko and finally got her OK for shooting. She works in an office and doesn’t want them to know it. So she wears the sun glasses in video. When I met her, I couldn’t take my eyes off from her tits that were sticking out from her tube top. She says her size is H-cupped, but I guess she has more. She dreams sex with AV actors and wants to try something exciting she has never done before. When we fix an actor she likes for shooting, she cannot look away from his dick since it is well hung. She grimes and holds it preciously. According to her, she takes time to cum, but she grinds her butt frantically, floods her pussy, drenches the actor’s fingers and cannot stop cumming. The best sex she’s ever had is the one she was humped in front of the mirror. Her wish should be grunted! He humps her as she wishes and she cries out aloud “fuck me hard! It gets me off!” She is such a nympho.

3. Her name is Lexy, 19 year-old (originally posted to us by Mr. Ell from US)

5’ 29” (160cm), B 95cm (I-cupped), W 68cm, H 101cm
One of American GAS fans sent his shooting video to us. He is a white guy who video-shoots the first time for this. An actress name is Lexy, a 19 year-old black babe. She is with I-cupped melons. This shooting is her first experience, too. Don’t you think this is so unique since both to shoot and to be shot are the first timer! His massage-oiled hands grubs her tits from behind and she starts wanking herself. Next she moves to blowjob and titfuck on him. I call it the Hamburger titfucking! Ell must be a real tit-mania and does the same staff we tit-manias would do! He splashes cum load sliding it between her big jugs.

4. Aki Haneda from Tokyo (23 year old)

5’ 49” (165cm), B 127cm (L-cupped), W 68cm, H 108cm
Aki works at a sex parlor. She loves hard sex and has a luscious demeanor. She is nervous first but once fondled by an actor, her horny juice wets her panties. She is teased saying “I do not want to hold it back and I want to cum now!” She is delighted to suck the dick and wants it more. She rides on an actor and rubs her booty frantically to cum.