GAS-284 Molester Girl with Huge Booty and Tits : Jun Minami


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GAS-284 Molester Girl with Huge Booty and Tits Jun Minami

Actress Jun Minami Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/5/18 Number GAS-284
Time 125 min.

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Director Hiroshi Torihama

This video shows you well Jun Minami’s huge elephant size thais and butt. She is posed and videoed to accentuate her foreigner-like body. She’s got thais and meat butt to dazzle you. I believe this video is one of the hardcore booty adult videos in Japan. In this video, Jun’s got more sexy and looks horny in her after-sex intoxication.

1. Her butt riding and rubbing masturbation

She looks attractive in her lingerie. She is a bitch dog now looking for the penis. She says “it turns me on when you watch me masturbate”. The camera shoots her butt from a low angle. She sandwiches her dildo between her tits and cries out loud “tits fuck feels so good”. Her booty grinds the dildo and she gets cramps in her butt meat. She is nailed now and shakes hard her booty in rodeo and her ass has cum.

2. Man nothing but lays down for her sex treatment

The guy speaks nothing and Jun leads the scene. She whispers “you don’t have to say what you want. I know it.” She horse-rides on him and let him fondle her boobs. She grinds her vagina and seals his mouth with it. “Lick my clit and it makes me feel so good”, she says. She puts the guy’s hard penis between her tits and rubs it. Her booty moves nasty and horny on horse-riding style. She is laid down on her side and in missionary to be inserted so that her huge thais are up and close. The cum shot is spelled over her booty.

3. Huge booty fuck

She looks erotic with her huge butt in her micro bikini. We shoot her behind and low angle when she climb the stairs with her booty popped from her mini skirt. (this is the best part of this video). She says “watch my butt closely and do whatever you want to it”. The oiled shiny booty is xxx and the erected hard dick is rubbed on her ass. She pinches her nipples and press her booty on the guy’s face. So erotic her booty has another jerks. Like Alexis Texas on her hands and knees, she moves her butt rubbing the cock. Next she rubes it hard on her thighs and butt to squeeze his cumshot.

4. Jun, now sex lover, does every of your desires

“I will do whatever you desire” she says and sits astride on his lap. She shakes her butt and rubs the cock. The guy sucks hard on her tits. His fingers slide into her ass hole and she cries out “I feel good on my anal”. She is double-penetrated with the fingers and her juice floods. She blows, tits fucks and rubs it on her booty. Her pussy and his penis have white smegs sticking now. He spills his cumshot over her big ass and it is mixed with her love juice. She has a real orgasm and looks intoxicated.

Bonus track

Jun does exercises with her naked meat body.