GAS-286 The Big Tits Rino Debut! : Rino Momoi


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GAS-286 The Big Tits Rino Debut! Rino Momoi

Actress Rino Momoi Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/6/22 Number GAS-286
Time 150 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

She had the last sex a year ago, never worked in a sex parlor. Everything in this video is a new experience to her. She has 102cm K cup. I shot her to look more beautifully, tits bigger and fetish. She rides on an actor and grinds her butt erotic. Cute and horny!

1. Petting and interview

Posed but nervous in front of the camera. She has a reason: she has never been naked in front of people and not even
in camera (never worked in sex parlor yet). She looks cute and has a lolita face, but no horny demeanor at all, rather mediocre. We tried to perform message onto her during interview. She said she had the last sex a year ago. We started messaging her gorgeous tits.

2. First and tons of sex (actor: Shinji Osawa)

Her boobs stick out like twin towers covered by her tank top. This is the first sex she has in a year. She is so nervous that she kisses like a virgin. She said she has never had a sex with the light on, nor done a tits fuck. She never licked her nipples before, either. Behind her little labia, Osawa spotted her big clitoris. His fingers feel her vagina tight (after no sex in a year). She looks reserved but moves her butt nicely and erotic. Her wet part makes a chewing gum noise. (Nice tits viewed in a good camera angle). Every try is new to her: inserted laying side by side, tits fuck and she gave the first blow job and sucked and cleaned his dick after his cum shot.

3. The first masturbation

She never does masturbation before. Never used the mini vibrator. She tries the first self-tits licking with horny noises. She petted her boobs and had cums by her vibrators (I filmed until she had it).

4. The first tits fucking

We taught her how to do it. First she was kissed and turned on when she saw him in the cock. Her blow job runs a lot of salvia. The actor stands on feet receiving her fallatio and he did titsfuck. She blows and cleans his dick after his cum shot.

5. Electric massage device

There is something unbalanced when she has a golden bikini on and her lolita face. The message oil was poured onto her body and the fetish message was performed. The electric massage device was on the floor and she positioned her cunt and started rubbing hers on it.

6. She had it many times in a fetish sex (actor Takeshi Oshima)

Rino looks like a grownup now. Looking face-to-face, they started kissing each other. The experienced actor, Ohshima, showed his gentle and decent moves to her. Her vagina soon floods. We posed her to make her boobs bigger on top of the actor. She can’t stop kissing him in her intoxication. Her vagina made a chewing gum noise riding and grinding on him. He put his dick into her in a position with her butt, tits and ass looking great. The way she moved her butt on him is really erotic. Finally she did slow and nice titsfucking to him and sucks his semened dick after his ejaculation.