GAS-291 Big Tits Bra with young wife : Jun Minami


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GAS-291 Big Tits Bra with young wife Jun Minami

Actress Jun Minami Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/7/20 Number GAS-291
Time 130 min.

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Director Hiroshi Torihama

Jun Minami, young and married into a all-men family, have huge boobs. She wears her huge bra like gorgeous models in American skin mags. She has changed her hair style and looks more gorgeous with her exotic underwares. The theme of this video is guy’s wet dream to fuck such boobs with the huge bra or bikini on.

All Japanese guys would exclaim “Never seen such huge bras” when they skimmed through a skin mag like a Bachelor. The bras are like big sacks you never saw in Japanese skin mag. Our generation has seen idles like Sharon Kelly and Christy Canyon. A father and a son of the family Jun married into have his own wet dream: Father dreams of Chloe Vevrier and Yulia Nova and Son does of Christy Canyon and Irena Fischer (Chloe’s current name). All lingeries they put on are so exotic and expensive that their wet dreams can not be put on hold any more. They dream of fucking the newly wed boob. This
video is created from our generation’s wet dream and lust for such huge bras. So I want dedicate this video to those huge bras actress (Thanks a lot!).

Every family member knows she has these gigant tits and they all touch and smell her bras in secret. The brother-in-law finally thinks he will threat her to force sex with him. His lust for her boobs finally breaks up the family a part. But he does not give a shit if I get to have her tits.