GAS-293 The Milky Big Tits Debut! : Mei Shinoda


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Actress Mei Shinoda Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/8/24 Number GAS-293
Time 135 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

Mei Shinoda, a new face, has the pale skin on her erotic body. She has the big pepperonis on her tits, too. Give her tits shoves, she gives you a splash of milk. The more you lick her on the nipples, the wetter they get. She had a body that floods horny juice from the nipples and crevasee. You can watch and enjoy her only at GAS video.

1. Interview

A cute face, well-endowed and she looks cool on a leopard bikini. She stands up tall with 5′ 6″, 168cm. Her big tits stick out in front of my eyes. She would always have the biggest tits in school and now they have grown and measure 110cm (J-cupped). Her thighs are sensual. She has a nice butt and long legs. The small nipples on the big pepperonis. Her tits feed right away if you tickle them. How soft they are. She has a sexual demeanor, too.

2. Shower

She takes a shower with her see-through outfit on. It sticks wet to her skin. Her nipples are turned on. A man grabs her tits from behind and she starts milking. We show you her nipples in close up. Now they are so wet with the milk that they look like her wet pussy. She turns on and grabs the cock after he gives her rough tit rubbing. She says I am ready to play horny….

3. First sex act

She says she likes to be teased. We test her to see how sensitive her snow beauty body is. A guy licks intensively her on the back. Then, his tongue finds her small nipples on the big pepperonis and her milk comes out. The more he licks the wetter they become. He licks and fingers her to squirt. She feels so horny that her milk comes out right away. She licks back him with her erotic manner. Her pussy floods. She rides on him hard and her pussy makes a sizzling sound. We are sorry we cannot show you well due to the censorship her vagina runs a horny white juice. She drips it above from tits and below from pussy. The actor finally bukkake between her tits.

4. Erotic massages (the actor’s name is Shun)

How good his erotic grabbing is especially with the massage oil. We shoot her to look fetish on her leopard bikini. He gives the massage to her tits and the milk erupts. She says she wants it more and horny…. She cums finally on her vibrator.

5. Hot fetish sex (the actor is Shun again)

A long French kiss. They are now well together. He enjoys her tasty tit milk and leads her to look fabulous and fetish in sex. She wets well on her panties. He nails her and pulls his cock out to show it is shinny by her lubricant. After many of her cum and she gulps his cumshot. They play a real and nice sex.

Bonus track: she shows you her pepperoni tits pressing them against the transparency plastic board.