GAS-294 I cannot stop milking on you : Mio Sakuragi


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GAS-294 I cannot stop milking on you Mio Sakuragi

Actress Mio Sakuragi Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/8/24 Number GAS-294
Time 120 min.

Free Sample Play

Director Akira Takatsuki

If she is a nice babe and can breastfeed, you feel hornier! You can titsfuck her and she splashes her milk onto you. We do not lose any drop of her tit juice. You can cum hot when she squeezes your wang on her tits. We want to show you her titfucked, her real sex she makes you cum and she is forced to lick her nipples and drink her own milk.

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1. Domestic servant titsfucking

She acts as a wife who lives in a gorgeous mansion. She looks great on her body-conscious outfit.
Open the front door and you see the master of the mansion standing. Next to him, she is on her
hands and feet and presses her cheek on the master’s feet with delight. Rubbing her tits and she
feeds milk. She won’t waste any drop and drinks it. She cries out “oh my dick!” and blows him lovely. The master has his cumshot on her servant squeezed tits.

2. Sex message that makes her cum hard (the actor is Tony)

Her tits stick out in her tank top. Her body is so sensitive that the actor makes her cum hard. Tony performs a nice job in rubbing and licking her. Tony fingers her to cum with her pussy running juice. She is teased holding off being nailed. She says “I can’t wait!”, and pushes and lays him down. She rides and shakes her butt on him. She is a real dirty mature wife.

3. Her wet dream: orgy titsfuck

Mio confesses she is masturbation-holic, and dreams to be banged for hours by men in orgy. Now we make her wet dream come true! Three guys surround her to bang. Started with deep kiss, rubbing her tits and she is charged by the vibrator. Every guy tastes her tit milk and
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4. Rubbing hard and sucking her fountain milk.

Next she puts on her erotic bikini. You see she is well-endowed. One guy grabs her tits from behind and you see her bikini bras are wet with her milk fountain. The other guy tries to drink it. She is kept rubbing and feels horny. He keeps sucking and drinking it. She finally has cum.

5. Forced self-licking, sex and cumshots on her tits

We put her on a bondage costume and in handcuffs. A sadist guy drinks her horny tit milk. He says “you deserve this !” and his feet push her tits in and forces her to lick them. She drinks her milk, gets his dick splashed with it and Mio finally gets banged to cum. After his cumshot, his pole is still erected. She puts it between her tits and makes him cum again.