GAS-296 Big Tits Nana : Nana Matsuzaki


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GAS-296 Big Tits Nana Nana Matsuzaki

Actress Nana Matsuzaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/9/21 Number GAS-296
Time 142 min.

Free Sample Play

Director Akira Takatsuki

She is buxom with her tits measured 115cm, K cup and we have waited for such a new face. She is very reserved and has cute voices and tits. She looks quite, but really is horny inside. You can watch her only at GAS.

1. Interview: she stripes off

When we met her, she looked exactly like the one in the picture, but her tits were standout. She is one of normal ladies and works at a bakery. How cute her voices sound! When she was a student, everybody knew her biggest tits. She had guts to play a heroine at school festival. When she was recruited, she was interested in AV. She takes off her clothes; she is buxom with K cup melons. You see her west belt behind her big tits. She looks reserved but is horny at heart. She fucks herself and hardens her nipples every day.

2. Fetish shower

She takes a shower in her black outfit. When her tits are rubbed, her face becomes horny. A shamed but cute voice sounds erotic. When her nipples are picked up, she makes her erotic face again. Her vagina is dug in and she feels the penis pressed on her ass. She begs she wants nailed and has cum.

3. First sex play

We match a young actor to her. They look like a nice couple. “Shame on me” says she when dressed off one by one. A long kiss they exchange. Her tits stick out like a rugby boll in the camera shooting above (fetish camera angle). A slimy string from her vulva. She is nailed and pounded hard to cum many times. A cream is spitted out on her face from the dick squeezed by her tits.

4. titsfuck

You dazzle her cutie face and voluptuous tits! We note her favorite style on titfuck and she has cumshot on her squeezed tits.

5. The vibrator tickles her tits.

Nana now looks gorgeous. Her big melons are rubbed by the oiled hands. You watch that her fetish tits do not sit on the palm hand. Taking off her panties, you see she wets on her slimy pussy. She cum by just pressing the vibrator onto her clit. She cum and cries out “please fuck me!”.

6. Adult sex (the actor is Takeshi Oshima)

We shoot her fetish body and sexy tit valley in a gorgeous dress. She is well equipped with thick tits, and her vagina runs slimy juice. She holds the dick and flashes an erotic smile. The actor makes her cum nonstop and splashes his sperm between her squeezed melons. Nana is so happy finally that his sperm splashes and jumps over her face.