GAS-297 A long tall and big tits Rosa : Rosa


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GAS-297 A long tall and big tits Rosa

Actress Rosa Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/9/21 Number GAS-297
Time 120 min.

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Director Jiro Kaneko

This is her second video and would be a Rosa’s master work, I guess. She has long legs and arms.
Voluptuous and tall, 5’89” (175cm), and how horny she is, too. She has an attitude, moves and shakes her butt hard to cum. She wears the sun glasses to disguise.

1. Sex with a long tall

Her tits are in front of your eyes if you face her. There is a beautiful tits valley covering by her T-shirt. You have to stand on tiptoe to kiss her. A guy finally French kisses her standing on the booster. He licks her 10-cm huge pepperonis popping out from her bra. His tongue finds her voluptuous thighs and starts muff diving into her pussy while she stands. He still needs the booster to lick her pussy and nail her from behind. She is not happy at all about him, and pushes him down to ride and fuck. Looks like she molests a young boy for sex.

2. Foreigner-like assjob

Her long legs are voluptuous! The body conscious outfit goes perfect with her. She dances and shakes her butt to agitate a guy. He presses his face against her booty. She shakes her but to rub her clit on rodeo style. Since she is half Mexican and half Japanese, her beautiful butt is not like the one of Japaneses. She finally makes him cum with hard riding assjob. This scene is dedicated to show you only her butt.

3. Pantyhose footjob

With her long and pantyhose legs she does footjob. She sandwiches the guy’s dick between her knees and foot. He does bukkake his load onto her pantyhose.

4. Aesthetic massage to a short guy

She plays an arrogant customer, disregards the waiter and asks whatever unreasonable. She lays him down onto the bed, puts the massage oil and rubs her body against him on the mattress. She relaxes and plays natural and erotic. She lets the waiter to lick her tits buttons, then rides on him and rubs her clit to cum.

5. Sex Rosa goes wild (the actor is Sawai)

Horny Rosa charges a leashed guy. She forces him to lick her favorite part of the body. Rosa huge ass looks accentuated against his small face. Her titfuck is powerful for these sizes. She is nailed and pounded hard and receives his cumshot on her tits.