GAS-298 Cherry boys’ creampie at soap land : Jun Minami


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GAS-298  Cherry boys’ creampie at soap land Jun Minami

Actress Jun Minami Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/9/21 Number GAS-398
Time 110 min.

Free Sample Play

Director Akira Takatsuki

There are 50 cherry boy entries (nonprofessionals) in our website who want be played by and fuck creampie with Jun Minami. There is tons of creampie waiting from those cherry boys! This is the first and last creampie play by Jun. If you need only one of Jun’s many videos, this is a right pick for you. This have a bonus track: Jun’s shaking tits in slow motion.

I want this video to show you…

We invited entries of hungry cherry boys in our website since we need nonprofessional and hungry guys. Let me repeat this: guys, hungry and desperate for sex, play a good “reality” in video shooting, too. I want to capture it in a piece of my works. That’s my intention. There is a minus side on this, as you can imagine, those guys are not professional in sex skills and acting. If you see it, please disregard. I want to shoot reality and excitement of sex using nonprofessional and hungry cherry boys.

Fetish video shooting
If it needs to be beauty, picturesque and fetish of AV, leave it to us. We make such videos with the GAS video quality.
Maniac video contents
All selected guys must be diehard tit manias. One of them cannot stop shaking his hands when he sees the biggest tits he’s never seen in his life. The other checks closely its tag of the bra before he strips it off. You see they are one of your kinds. So you may easily understand how they feel and act.
Real excitements
The cherry boys must be horny and hungry. The most of them has never titfucked before. They find it feels better than expected and one of them accidentally bombed one minute. The spooge load on her squeezed tits and its flying distance is really amazing!
You see Jun has fun with them.
The important thing is to have fun even in AV video shooting, especially the actress needs to. Jun smiles and eats the cherry boys one by one. She acts as she is and I wonder she really loves the cherry boys. I’ve never seen before she really enjoys the shooting so much with them.

1. Quickie BJ and sex

Now we have another cherry boy who claims experienced. He stops his titfuck suddenly after his second thoughts he wants to creampie for this first sex. Then, he nails her and feeds cream instantly!

2. Body wash

We have another cherry boy who claims good at rubbing and licking. Jun leads him to kiss and cracks her erotic smiles.

3. Play on the mattress

You see a guy shakes his hands. That tells us he is fucking hungry. He cannot hold his sexually arose, and bursts a good load of sperm.

4. Nonstop titfuck at a waiting room

The cherry boys, never titfucked before, have titfucks with Jun at a waiting room. The sperm load onto her tits is amazing!

5. Cherry boy sex

It was his wet dream to lick the milk breastfed by tits. His shaking hands rub Jun’s tits. This cherry boy creampie Jun. How lucky he is since this is his first sex and creampie, too.