GAS-299 Big tits Mina, Super horny Amateur


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GAS-299 Big tits Mina, Super horny Amateur

Actress Mina Katase Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/10/19 Number GAS-299
Time 120 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

“If they never know it’s me, I wanna fuck with AV actors on video” said she. She thinks sex seriously. She is damn good at erecting dicks and a horny amateur never acted on AV before. She is voluptuous with the huge boobs, 116cm, a J cup. Her horniness is beyond the standard. She is the one I really thought I wanna fuck.

Before shooting, she said “I am so excited since I haven’t had a hard sex lately.”
After shooting, she said “I am sure I have been hooked on sex with AV actors”

It’s ambivalent she wears no sun glasses on her video jacket, but wears them in this shooting. This is what she wants!? After we shot her, we are surely she has been so curious about AV sex. She is really horny. She is skilled and good at her blowjob. Maybe she is the best in my latest girls. This is what happened when we took her tit-fucking scene: normally an actress uses her hands and mouth to erect an actor. She didn’t do this. She first horse-rode on him and deep kissed and licked on his nipples. We didn’t ask her so. She understands the erect is not caused by the physics, but by the psyches, emotions where the kiss and hugging turn men on. After I said so, you might think she feels horny all times. But she is shy, as fresh as a girl can be to everyone. But once she turns on, she is another girl. She flashes a big smile when she blows. I hope you can see it on the back jacket pictures of the video package that I carefully selected to show she is such a girl. Oh I really wanna fuck her!

3.First softcore (but turns out a hard sex)
4.Skilled tit-fuck to erect men hard
5.Shoot and fuck her in the room of a “Love Hotel”

First softcore (but she spurts hard sex from the start)

She said she wants to rodeo ride an actor and if he can’t give what she wants, she always switches to do so! She has her pre cum wet on her panties. Shaking her but hard back and forth, she looks cool during sex.

Skilled tit-fuck to erect men

She rides him again, kisses and licks hard. We show you her skills in doing so. Must be a damn horny girl. The guy feels so good in tit-fucking her. She sucks and gulps his cum shot. She is damn good at making men horny, erecting his son and her tit-fucking.

Fuck and shoot her in a sex hotel room (the actor is Genjin Moribayashi)

She had a dating with an actor, Moribayashi in a hotel room and her tits bounce for that excitement. They enjoy a real sex and have the cums twice. They fuck twice in a row and she finally the cum load in her mouth and cries “I love cum juice!”