GAS-300 Long Tall, J-cupped, milk dribbling girl : Mei Shinoda


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GAS-300 Long Tall, J-cupped, milk dribbling girl Mei Shinoda

Actress Mei Shinoda Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/10/19 Number GAS-300
Time 140 min.

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Director Akira Takatasuki

Do you adore a tall and big-tits mother? Mei has a pale skin, well-endowed, soft but big J-cups squirting the milk. She has the bouncing tits and the milk-shinning areolae. You can only touch her tits on your tiptoes. All we show you is her tall and slender body and her tits milk. This is going to be her last with the milk acts.

Announcement: everything in the video is particular about her tit milk.
The breast milk is not limitless. We won’t waste every drop of it and drink it all! We try to use the best of her tit milk!

1. Tall, slender and milky tits Mei in a sexy outfit

The long legs stick out gorgeously from the sexy outfit. She is so tall that the poor and short guy can’t reach her to kiss. Instead, he pushes his cheeks on her thigh and tip-toes to French kiss her. He sucks her clothed tits and the milk dribbles from her areolae. He sucks up to her milk drops on his milk-wet jaw and fingers. Now his vibrator makes her cum. You maniac surely enjoy this fetish scene shot where I used my skills in the beautiful video lighting.

2. Tall and slender sex

The tall wife and its short husband. They taste her milk deliciously and have a conjugal sex with the huge gap in their height! The husband licks her tits and the milk can’t stop flooding. She drips her milk high above and he receives it in his open mouth down there. He cleans all messy milk on his clothes and fingers. Her boobs bounce, dance and squirt the milk. He tit-fucks and cums on her squeezed boobs.

3. Milky tit-fuck

He sucks on Momma’s tits like her big baby lusting for it. He sucks the milk in the mouth and spits back to hers. Then she drops it from her mouth high above into his mouth posing down there. They relay the milk preciously and with care! She splashes a spray of the milk to his erected dick and they are tit-fucked. He blasts the hot cum on her squeezed tits.

4. She self-licks and fucks herself

Her lingerie, covering Mei’s nice tall and slender body, poses itself in a dark background. She starts self-licking on the nipples and the milk runs. She finger fucks her vagina sucking to her milky nipples. With her squirted milk, she gets her cunt wet and thrusts her two fingers hard and horny in and out of her cunt. The fingers are drenched wet with her white pre-cum.

5. The baby has sex with mammy (the actor is Manjiro Yamada)

Mei charges the man now. She rides over him and splashes a spray of the milk. She is horny enough to lick the spilled milk over his face and body. They exchange the mouthful milk to each other and Mei blows him with her milky mouth. Her dick-sucking mouth dribbles the milk during her blowjob. It’s amazing that sex would stimulate the milk flood. This is sex wet with a large amount of her milk and pre-cum. They drinks up to the last drop of her milk.