GAS-301 The last sex shootings : Marino Hoshizaki, Aki Haneda,Rin Kajika (Ria Sakuragi)


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GAS-301 The last sex shootings Marino Hoshizaki, Aki Haneda,Rin Kajika (Ria Sakuragi)

Actress Marino Hoshizaki, Aki Haneda,Rin Kajika (Ria Sakuragi) Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 201310/19 Number GAS-301
Time 120 min.

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All I shot in this work are super big tits girls and only on this DVD. And this is their last you can watch at GAS. There are three sex scenes with all girls pre cum running. Hope you drop your jaw at their boobie melons are huge! I was moved emotionally in shooting this video. You can only watch these girls’ compilation at GAS! They act wearing nothing (glasses or mask) on their face.

1. First video shooting, she is debutante by Marino (72 min.)

Before we shot and released her first video “Holy Moly Boobs 119cm L-cupped”, we shot one video that was not released. So this is actually her first video. She came to the studio so tensed with her white knuckles. So shy and resisted a little bit in undressing. She was as fresh as a first time girl can be. I observed her some time and after while turning my camera on. My personal shooting style is the reality one. If I shoot every video in a pre-arranged order, every girl acts and looks the same to you. I shot her, enjoyed and appreciated her thick and beautiful tits (I was moved so much). Regardless she is dressed and undressed, you enjoy watching her melons from the different angles. Especially her big pepperonis look so horny. She was not relaxed and nervous in her first time shooting, but once she gets nailed she shows herself honestly. We never missed her pre cum dribbled from her cunt when she was nailed. Marino and the actor play at their tug of war between her tense and relax. There is a 4 min. one-cut scene where she was nailed with the vibrator, which is interesting to you. I hope you enjoy this and her last piece.

2. Horse-ride on the mattress (20 min.) by Aki Haneda

She plays with a guy on the Soap Land mattress with the lotion oil. The guy lays on back and relaxed. Aki presses her 127cm huge and lotioned tits hard onto him and he enjoys it. She thrusts her but back and forth riding on him. The guy splashes his hot cum onto her squeezed tits at the end.

3. The tick-fuck lover sex (30 minutes) by Rin Kajika (Ria Sakuragi)

Her tits 107cm, K-cupped, is the perfect ones. This is her last video. Her tits are bouncing and dancing and accentuated in her sexy outfit. Once undressed, her body dazzles you! Her nice huge rack on her slim waist. Her tits are so big that they are not covered full by the guy’s hands rubbing them. He positions himself behind her and still can lick her nipples from there. She acts the scene with her big smiles but once the sex turns her on, she is different and very sensitive. I’ve shot her works ten or so before, but never seen her so wet on her pussy. Maybe this is thanks to the huge dick of the actor. This actor is the tits maniac who wants to eat the tits more than the pussy. Every time they change their sex position, he tit-fucks to re fresh his penis feeling. You see there are many tit-fuck scenes in this piece. At the end, he shoots the heavy and hot cum load on her boobs.