GAS-302 Super Huge Tits Hina Sensitive M-cupped Tits girl that never stop cumming : Hina Kurosaki


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GAS-302 Super Huge Tits Hina  Sensitive M-cupped Tits girl that never stop cumming Hina Kurosaki

Actress Hina Kurosaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/11/23 Number GAS-302
Time 130 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

Holy Moly Tits! They measure 133.5cm and are M cupped with 10cm big areolae attached. On top of that, she is horny and a sensitive 20 year old. She says she was looking for the AV sex. She tit fucks with all-time smiling. She is nicely tited and horny sensitive, and a girl who makes your fantasies come true (she is the kind you want as a steady). You can only watch her on GAS video.

She has her cute and round big eyes. She gets weak and cramped once her body touched. The AV sex what she was looking for. She gets her twat drenched. She smiles and answers to whatever asked. She plays horny but from her heart and becomes cute as she plays.

1. Tit massaged interview

We massage and interview her. She gets her body convulsed to every touch. She loves to tit-fuck and make men cum with her tits that were always the biggest in her school. Now she feels horny and aroused. Her tits stand thick with her big pepperoni. We measure them 10cm in diameter. But her nipples are small and sensitive. She gets her panties drenched with her pre cum. She whispers “I wanna be nailed”.

2. First softcore she waited for.

An actor starts rubbing her tits and you see how big her tits are in that way. Her crevice is soaking wet. He finger-fucks her and she cums many times. She can cum easily. She flashes a big smile at his erected penis. She blows and tit-fucks it. Her tits are so big that she sandwiches the it under the bust. Now the actor nails her, which she has been waiting for. “Don’t stop and bang me harder!” said she with her cum juice glistening on his dick. He jerks his spunk over her face from her squeezed tits valley.

3. This is awesome tit-fuck

Smiling Hina is so nice that she grunts men’s wet wishes like wrapping his face with her tits. Other wish is tit-fuck on her tight tits. She finishes with her vacuuming and cleaning blowjob.

4. Vibrator Squirting (the actor is Moribayashi)

The actor performs a fetish tit massage onto her. She feels his hard on pressed her back and says “I want that hard to bang me”. She cums endlessly by the finger and vibrator.

5. Self tit-licking and masturbation

She licks her nipples and finger-fucks. Her twat soaks wet. She rides on the vibrator and shakes her but for an endless cum.

6. Endless orgasm on sex

She acts a real and hot couple sex with him. She is hand-cuffed now begging for kisses. He teases holding it off and that arouses her. Whatever she is forced : masturbation and squirting, she still coos and begs. She is lovely, isn’t she! Each lusts for sex and endless orgasm. She gulps his spunk and cries out “tastes so gooood!”.