GAS-303 The Second Stage We fuck her around! : Nana Matsuzaki


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GAS-303 The Second Stage We fuck her around! Nana Matsuzaki

Actress Nana Matsuzaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/11/23 Number GAS-303
Time 130 min.

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Director Seiyasan

This is a piece of vide to capture a cute Nana with 115cm K cup tits and hardcore plays with detailed shoots on her voluptuous tits.

After she was featured on a famous men’s magazine, she quickly becomes famous. So this is her second stage where we shoot her cuteness, but with a hardcore taste. She is hornier than the first video.

1. PV Lovely Sex

She is so cute when she looks at you through the camera. Seems like her real boyfriend should have shot her. Her tits pop up from her tubetop and rubbed hard and enough. She makes a big smile at the dick hanging in her front. She coons and begs “I can’t wait any more, please fuck me…”. An actor takes time to fuck her and she cums hard and real. We captured it well and so beautifully.

2. Self tit-licking masturbation

She shows you not only her cuteness but maturity as well in this scene. She shows her first masturbation. Picking up her nipples and licking them, she starts moving her but. She steers her pussy hole with her two fingers with sizzling sounds. She cums endlessly with the vibrator.

3. 3P tit-fuck and Sex

When open a delivery package, a big tits pet, Nana is there. Two men molest her as a tit-fuck pet. They tit-fuck her hard on every move of hers: when she blows and she is nailed. This is how she is tit-fucked by two tit-fuck manias. The men explode their cum shots between her tits.

4. She lets her masochism desire out and lusts for sex (the actor is Moribayashi)

Leashed on her hands and neck, she begs for humping. She stripes his underwear down by her biting mouth. Now she is happy to blow her master’s hardon. How good she looks with a masochism taste on her face. Moribayashi is a damn good actor to perform a fetish play and cultivates her masochism desire for sex. She finally cums with her neck choked.