GAS-304 ”The Tits Fuck a first and new style tits fuck that feels awesome” : Rino Momoi


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GAS-304 The Tits Fuck a first and new style tits fuck that feels awesome Rino Momoi

Actress Rino Momoi Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/11/23 Number GAS-304
Time 135 min.

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Director Jiro Kaneko

Rino Momoi, with 102cm K cup tits, tries to tit-fuck men lining up for her. All men jerk off heavily on her tight tit-valley. They spurt their load on her tongue and she vacuum-cleans their dicks. We developed a new tit-fuck for a better feeling of tit-scissoring: she is on her hands and feet with her tits fucked and they jerk off to her nipples. We can do this for Rino has such tits. This is first-time shown to you.

1. PV tit-fuck

The horny Rino stares at you (the camera) and asks “any idea on my hottest spot?” and “Suck my tits” and she let you do so. Her heavy tits charges you. You are on her knees with your dick between her tits. You spurt the hot jizz onto her titty-valley. She blows and cleans you up.

2. 3P tit-fuck

There are two tit manias trying to have her tits to himself. They all try every posture to go for her tits. They don’t want anything but tit-fuck. Every move of them is followed by his titty-fuck. They finally spunk the hot cum load onto her.

3. Newly invented nipple-piercing fuck

We grunt one of the wishes from our fans online: Rino remains on her hands and feet and the man tries to tit-fuck her piercing into her gravity-captured tits. They play around with Rino’s tits by shaking, flapping and licking. The man pierce his hard on into her tit and it goes deep into one of her tit and explode the hot load deep down there. I have shot many tit-fuck scenes but this one is so rare and fun that the tit-fuck is performed when men look her up.

4. On-going tit-fucks in orgy

She is ordered to lick her tit and finger-fuck her. She is so aroused to beg “Don’t look and wait. Please lick me…”. All men around her close in and start licking her. To everybody, she blows, tit-fuck, receives his hot cum on her tongue and vacuum-cleans the dickhead. There is one BJ where a man spurts his hot jizz onto her with a real excitement.

5. Sex with the Horny Lady (the actor is Manjiro)

Rino wears the see-through erotic jacket. We show you a fetish style softcore where Rino is fetishly rubbed. Rino slams him onto the bed and teases and plays nicely with him. But she is nailed hard by him for endless cum. The actor explodes his hot cum load on her valley tits.