GAS-306 Costume Play SEX : Mei Shinoda


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GAS-306 Costume Play SEX Mei Shinoda

Actress Mei Shinoda Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/12/21 Number GAS-306
Time 150 min.

Free Sample Play

Director Akira Takatsuki

This has turned to be one of her major works, Mei Shinoda, 110cm J cup boob. Agitating men and getting her panties wet she cums nonstop on sex. There are many costumes she tries on in her sex: costumes of office lady, teacher’s (titfuck), erotic swim suite, and erotic outfit. She is the big tits actress with her beautiful pale skin, narrow waist and long legs.

1. Fuck in her office costume

Her big tits are about to pop off her shirt bottoms while she quarrels with her boss. Nobody’s there but them, so her boss takes advantage to sexually harass her. She gives in to his strong and rough softcore after a few refusals. How erotic her body is! You can’t hold your son down just looking at her busty ass and thighs. She feels horny at his macho body and get her cum running. You see her pre cum dripping…She now enjoys a titfuck in her office outfit and he cum-shoots into her mouth.

2. Hot teacher agitating titfuck: how to tame sexually punk students

In a class room after school, Mei sets a deal with a punk student, who likes her, to study hard. She says “If you live up to what I order, I’ll be at your service”. Her order is to let her molest him while he studies hard. He can’t touch her and let her whatever she likes. If he keeps it, he can fuck her for reward.
Hot teacher Mei plays erotic with him: horse-rides him, pushes her clit and her yummy tits against him and forces him to lick her big nipples. She glides her wet twat on his penis and feels horny in this masturbation act. He can’t put up with it and bursts a cum load onto her boobs. She plays well and horny in this erotic scene.

3. Her husband fucks the wife who makes him so jealous

Mei’s husband is so jealous to her when she goes out for a shopping in her super tight and short skirt. He has this delusion that every man who sees her in such an outfit would masturbate. He won’t let it happen, he thinks. He is lost in such a delusion and adores her body at the same time: her narrow waist , busty ass and thighs. His jealousy drives him to fuck her hard: French kisses, banging her until she cums.

4. Squirts in an erotic swim suite

She is posed with her pale long legs exposed in a pitch dark. She is rubbed on her big nipple tits. You see her pre cum dripping. With nonstop and hard fingers she squirts her juicy cum.

5. Fuck in an erotic costume (the actor is Moribayashi)

Now they are in their bed room, Mei’s husband selects the horniest costume that turns him on. We use the best of her costume: undress her and put her on hot and non-stop sex. Ohmori does fuck her so well that he pulls the best erotic act out of her. This is the best erotic scene I’ve ever shot.