GAS-307 Praivate Sex in Hotel : Rosa, Yuu Ogawa


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GAS-307	Praivate Sex in Hotel Rosa, Yuu Ogawa

Actress Rosa, Yuu Ogawa Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2013/12/21 Number GAS-307
Time 125 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

This is such an intense sex and shooting that I did not cut or compiled it. I show you it all. This is a 90 min, non-cut in 2-and-half sex plays.

A girl who comes and fucks

Her name is Rosa, 120cm K-cupped. (The actor is Moribayashi)

When I started, I never thought this would be such an erotic video. I thought this was going to be one piece in an omnibus, but turned out to be a real and hard one. You know it from the camera works. The actor shot he fucked her with the camera stabled. No softcore talk, both of them lusted for sex. Rosa, Latin-originated, had a horse-ride on him. No cut in a short break after sex. They run out of breath and had a take-five. Her huge ass aroused him again even at break. You can’t capture it in a commercial video. He nailed her again and cumed. She collapsed on bed with her ass convulsing. The actor is done once he ejaculates. I did not ask it, but soon they got started again. This was not their paid-job any more, but they just wanted another one. The camera work and their private sex was more than professional, but had a private taste on it. You can’t take your eyes off from this sex.

Sex that lasts 90 min. (no cut on the sex scene)

The actor had two ejaculations. (he did not remember the second one) They had 2 and half sex. After the shooting, Rosa wanted another one so much saying “This was so good that I know I will be back. But I don’t want to end it now…”.

A girl comes and fucks

You Ogawa (105cm I-cupped)

She stayed away a year from the professional adult video. She is back with her horny and voluptuous body. She did not come back for money. She just wanted a private sex. She did not have it recently and I saw it form her wet panties. She took time and relaxed in her blowjob and titfuck. I would say she is hornier than before. Seemed she was more sensitive in sex. After she was banged hard and cum-shot, how good her intoxicated face was!