GAS-309 The Big Tits Scout Caravan 6


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GAS-309 The Big Tits Scout Caravan 6

Actress Yumiko, Mami, Miss P cup Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/1/25 Number GAS-309
Time 140 min.

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You would cry with your jaw dropping ” never seen those big tits before!”. One of the girls has them on the slim waist (new face 130cm P-cupped) , horny 115ck J-cupped and 123cm K-cupped (both new faces). We make them cum many times. All three are exclusive only at GAS.

Mysterious non-actress 130 cm P-cupped (20 year-old)

Softcore clip
She is non-professional (I can’t show you her face, sorry). She is a beauty. You can’t take your eyes off from her body. Her tits are about to explode. Her slim waist accentuates her big tits. We put the nice costumes on her and she shows us her erotic dancing. Once undressed, she has a rack sized like your dumb head! You’ve never seen those tits before. There are two things happened in the shooting I wanna share with you: one is her tits are so big that her tongue can’t reach to them, and the other is how she puts on her bras. I was looking at it when she did, wondering how such big jugs sit on her bras. Anyway, this video is the one that was sent by a tits mania. He convinced her to be shot by him. The camera work is not good, but you will forget about it when you watch her tits in this video. She is absolutely the horny and beauty.

Another non-professional named Mami, height 5’29” (160cm), bust 115cm (J cup), waist 100cm and 24 year old.

The first softcore
She is snow-white beautiful. After many thoughts, she agreed to be videoed. She is fully ready for the shoot saying she wants enjoy sex with AV actors (she is such a slut that she went out to come on to men once or twice). Undressed she is revealed she has a nice rack. Her nipples get weak once licked. Her tits gives back what you give. She smiles at the big penis of an actor. It shines with her tangled pre cum and she is nailed hard for many cums. When looking her up in her rodeo and the way her butt shakes on him, she is real horny. She cums and reveals what she really is. Yes, I agree, she is right about what she said. She really enjoys sex with the actors.

Self-licking her nipples and masturbation

She starts masturbation wanking her drenched pussy hard with her two fingers. She looks horny gazing at the camera.

Non-professional and married wife, named Yumiko, height 5’29” (160cm), bust 123cm (k cup), waist 70cm, hip 93cm and 34 year old.

First softcore
She is reserved, never worked in a sex parlor before and has been married in 5 years. Her husband has stopped having sex with her and she came to cheat a guy. You can’t believe why she came here, that guy asked her to give it a try. He wants to be jealous about her sex with someone. She wants something she’s never experienced and wants him to watch it. She is a horny bitch! When an actor plays to humiliate her, she turns her masochism side on. He must has trained her so. She has erogenous zone everywhere and gets her pussy wet and never stops her butt shaking. She has so many cramping and cums that she doesn’t remember it. She is such a horny bitch.