GAS-310 The Tits fuck, she gulps on their tongue your cum shot squeezed : Hina Kurosaki


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GAS-310 The Tits fuck, she gulps on their tongue your cum shot squeezed Hina Kurosaki

Actress Hina Kurosaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/1/25 Number GAS-325
Time 125 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

Your penis is sandwiched by Hina, 133.5cm super big tits. She never misses your exploded cum shot on her tongue. She smiles and asks “my tits feel like you cum in a Tenga?”. She performs many tit fucks and real fucks with her juicy cunt. The men cry out “oh, I cum in her tits and feel like heaven!”.

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“You want a peek of my tits?” asks she looking in the camera. She has her thick tits with 10cm pepperoni attached. She talks in an anime voice. She smells your dick like a bitch dog, smiles and plays your pre cum with her fingers. She blows you first and then tit fucks. Her boobs are enormous! and her tongue waits for your cum shot.

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Now she acts like your good sister spoiling her young brother. She let the tits massaged, licked and chocks him with them. Her tits flaps his face and he exclaims “it hurts so good”. Hina, so horny now, sits her butt on his face. She asks her inside should be fingered. Her pre cum runs a lot and white on her cunt. She asks for more. She alternates the tit fuck and blowjob. She is standing and nailed behind crying “I want it more and hard”. Every time they change the posture, she does a tit job. Finally he cums on her tongue and she says “yummy!”.

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There are three guys surrounding Nana in body conscious outfit and in a pitch dark room. They orgy bang her who resists it. They tit fucks to her in a various position. If they find her crotch open to attack, they slam the hardon to it! Nana is at their pleasure service, but she can’t stop shaking her butt to those attacks saying “do not look at a bitch like me”. They splash their cum to her boobs while she still tries get it on her tongue. Nana is such a nice girl.

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Nana is on her hands and feet with her fetish tits hanging. She blows the dick to enlarge it and he, laying down on his back, tries to pierce it into her nipple. She asks “My tits feel like you cum in a Tenga?” He answers back “Your boobs are slimy and I feel the tip of my son knocking on your nipple”. “Cum into my boob hole” says she finally.

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Her boobs stick out in her tight outfit. She starts French kiss with his boyfriend. He sucks her tits. She asks “Come into me” but he wanna cum between her tits and so did. She is not happy that he did cum alone. Now she blows him to get it up again and horse-rides him. Her pussy is wet with her nasty white pre cum and his cock drills it. He again sparks the hot jizz to her tits. Nana never misses it on her tongue.