GAS-311 Big Tits Soap for Virgin boy, As Many As You Want it : Nana Matsuzaki


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Actress Nana Matsuzaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014//1/25 Number GAS-311
Time 130 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

Nana, 115cm K-cupped, works at a sex parlor and she welcomes with her smile horny and hungry male virgins. She is good at seducing and teasing them and horse-rides them. She is nailed by male virgin after male virgin, even fucked on her anal (her first time). Every scene comes with her fucked by them. At the end of the video we have a special clip: her squirting with the tits massaged.
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Quick BJ and Sex

One male virgin is introduced to Nana at a parlor. Tensed for the first sex. Nana is there in her tight costume with her tits accentuated. She tries to ease him. With the first French kiss, he gets it hard and desperately touches her tits. Nana performs her quick BJ, that is the one done without a shower clean. As he likes it, she rides on him. He feels warm on his son inside her vagina and cums one minute. He can’t get it up for another round (very sad!).

Body cleaning message and Sex

Nana has a sex lotion and is good at applying it to the body. She pushes her tits to wash him. With her huge tits, she does the arm and leg jobs. After the hard tit message, she blows him. Now he says he wanna nail and does it on his sitting position. Inserting his finger to her anal, he bangs her back and forth hard and Nana cums in that position. Now he says he wanna cum onto her tits and sparks a load jizz sandwiched by hers. She welcomes it on her tongue and gulps (yummy!).

Sex on the mattress

Nana is good at playing on the mattress. She acts as she wants and leads her customer well on the mattress: chokes her with her tits, put her ass cheeks on his face and 69. She rides on and gets humped. She teases and says “not until I cum”. With her hand job, against his masochism wish, he ejaculates. I see Nana has a good sadism taste herself.

male virgins gangbang

Nana is surrounded by four male virgins who can’t make reservations. I believe she looks so happy. The boys charge and gangbang her. Each takes a turn to nail her. They all spark the cum shots to her tits. Nana’s tits are covered with all jizz.

Nana plays and looks happy in this video.

We have a special clip: squirting with boob massaged!