GAS-313 Mature with Big Bra, My friend’s mam has L cup tits : Misuzu Tomizawa


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Actress Misuzu Tomizawa Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/3/1 Number GAS-313
Time 130 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

Whoever she is, mature, mother-in-law or real mam, if she wears the big bra, she would be perfect. You would love her if her tits are 123cm, L-cupped. We put the gorgeous bra on such a mature and video shoot her. The bra that wrap those big tits. Those straps are sunk into her shoulders, she wears her chest belt behind her tits and the gorgeous embroidered bra. I tries to capture such details. She wears the big panties! All her underwear are imported brands and we shoot them all in a fetish style.

1. Falling in love with my friend’s mam and fucking her

Oh he falls in love with my friend’s mam, Misuzu. Her clothes never hide her big tits. In a moment she is off guard, he cries “I love you so much” and grabs her around. She, sexually drought frustrated lately, refuses “No” with her excitement. He gives a mushy kiss to the mature he so much adores . She starts feeling horny. Taking off her gorgeous bra reveals her big tits. Thick, wide but nicely towered tits! He starts sucking them. Her cunt get messy wet. He enjoys humping with her bra on and off.

2. Her mom helps her son’s study with her titsfuck

Her mam breaks in when the son is wanking. She smiles at him and says “I thought you were studying hard. You bad boy should work hard while I help you…”. She starts blowing him. He nails his cock into her tits squeezed by the big bra and splashes the big cum load.

3. Fuck my mother-in-law

Misuzu offers an ear cleaning to the in-law son. He proposes he returns a massage to her. Being sensitive, she feels horny and his massages turns into the sexual one. She is excited saying “this is just between us…” and horse-rides on him. She leads him and asks him to fuck her from behind. While she keeps her bra on, she gives him the tits and hand jobs. You see the in-law is fucking excited.

4. Lovely sex with the mature Misuzu

Misuzu, mature and chic, has an affair with a young gun. They touch and lick each other, which arouses her to a level that she shakes her butt and squirts as being deeply French-kissed by him. She cums many times and ends receives the cumshot on her tits.