GAS-314 Self-nipple licking mastervation and Tits Fuck


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Actress Shiori Tsukada, Yuu Sakura, Rino Momoi, Mei Shinoda, Mio Sakuragi, Mina Katase, Yumiko Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/3/1 Number GAS-314
Time 110 min.

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I selected and shot 7 horny actress to show each erotic style. Self licking and wanking on each other by Shiori Tsukada, Milky wanking by Mio Sakuragi, real wife acts by Mina Katase and Yumiko, tit fuck by Rino Momoi, Yuu Sakura and Milk squirt by Mei Shinoda.

Self-licking and wanking

1. Shiori Tsukada (101 cm, J-cupped)

Shiori who wants to watch a guy wanking, wanks her in front of him. She stares at his hardon and sucks hard her nipples to make herself cum. Her face turns a real horny when she cums. The adult video is all acting, not real. But I try to put some reality in it. By hiring Shiori’s favorite actor in this shooting, I intended she would not act, but would be the way she is. You see how shy she really becomes when they alternate wanking. That’s what she wanted! I think I captured the way she is at that moment.

2. Mio Sakuragi (110cm, J-cupped) Milky wanking

She squeezes her milk, licks those milky nipples and masturbates herself. She licks them tenaciously. She cums as she sprinkles the milk from her nipples. She talks a little bit about how she masturbates and what she wet dreams in her masturbation.

3. Mina Katase (116 cm, J-cupped) watching the porn movie

She watches her favorite horny video on her mobile and starts wanking. This is like a voyeur shooting. She licks her nipples to cum.

4. Yumiko (123 cm K-cupped) real masochist wife

We could not show you her face and so ended in wrapping the cloth around her face. This is a kind of my play onto her not seeing anything. This horny wife shakes her butt well to have the vibrator hard on her clit. Her body is cramping after many cum waves. “My butt shakes without my will…”, that’s what she says. This is the horny and masochist wife lusting for sex!

Titty job

5. Rino Momoi (102 cm K-cupped) POV titty job

She asks what he wants and does a tit job for him to cum nice and well. He spurts a nice cum load between her tits.

6. May Shinoda (110 cm J-cupped) Milky sparkling tit job

Give a lick or so, her elected nipples spurts the milk. She sprinkles the milk over the hardon and does titty job. Her tit job wanks it vertically like he really feels nailing. He ended in jettisoning the cum load between the tits.

7. You Sakura (110cm J-cupped) POV titty job

She scrubs a guy with her lotion-oiled swim suit. Her ass looks great! Her tits job makes him so excited. She is so nice to stick out her tongue for the cum shot. She sucks the last drop of it and flushes a big smile.