GAS-315 Jun Minami Best 4 hours


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Actress Jun Minami Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/3/1 Number GAS-315
Time 240 min.

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This is the last one you enjoy Jun Minami 120cm K-cupped tits. Every boys loves her foreigner-like big ass and we pick up the best from her 11 videos with her tits and big ass plays. This is how I selected the best ones: whenever she cums and her tits looks great. This is not a simple compilation. You can only watch her on GAS video.
Jun Minami, GAS exclusive actress, retires unfortunately. Again, this is the best from the scenes well-spoken of by fans. You think twice how she has been a great actress. Her face, tits and big butt! She is the one out of millions.
This video has many scenes: titty job and cum shoot between the tits, she cums non-stop in sex acts, she plays a tall lady vs. tiny guy, public humiliation, threesome, costume play, anal, butt job, thigh job, big brassiere, soap parlor and cream pie.

Jun Minami, 24 year old, addicted to her body
Height 170 cm, 5’ 69”, her titts is 120cm K-cupped, waist 85cm, hip 110 cm.

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Interview and first soft core

“K-cupped Coed”

Molested in the train going for school

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First threesome

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She acts amazon’s lady against a tiny actor

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She takes a walking without panties and brassieres

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Street fucker and group humiliating titty job

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Jun gives her husband the wake-up tits job.

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