GAS-318 “Please Tease me Nana Matsuzaki”


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Actress Nana Matsuzaki Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/4/1 Number GAS-318
Time 130 min.

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Director Jiro Kaneko

“I found I am real masochism…” said Nana. She is in imprison and we molest this 115cm K-cupped tit. We put her in rope bondage and paste men’s cum over her face, nail the vibrator anal and make her skin a cold turkey. Using the special camera to shoot the dick piercing her tits. This is a BDSM sex. She is molested by many of ugly guys. She shows what she is and this DVD is one of major works.

1. Looking up to her titsjob

We put her on corset. Her waist looks nicely tight and tits enormously big (we used this photo in the DVD package). A guy with her is a saggy tit mania. With him, we use the special camera that can shoot from the super low angle while he plays with them. You watch this scene like you lay down and look up to her tits right in from of your eyes. This angle shoot, I hope, you never seen before. He nails his cock to the tit and wanks to cum.

2. Rope-bondaged and anal vibrator fuck

We use the thin ropes to bondage her tits. Her tits are shaped like a pumpkin. She is nailed on her ass with the vibrator and cries out with the cold turkey skin “I cum on my anal!”.

3. Lolita complex guy molests her

She is in Lolita costume and we fix an ugly guy to her. She is forced to blow and titsjob him. I think she has a masochism nature. She gives him a hand wanking and receives the cum over her face. She goes on wanking and he squirts a lot to her face! Her face is drenched with it.


Her body shaped like a Michelin Bibendum. We try her to walk with her clit on the humped rope. She say it feels good these humps rub my clit. We put the rope around her neck and choke a little bit. Her face grows intoxicated. She is nailed with the vibrator and tries to press her clit to it and has cum.

5. Slavery sex (actor Genjin Moribayashi)

She is ordered to masturbate. “I am slave to your dick” says she. You see she is real masochism! The actor gives her fetish rubbing and squirts her many times. We don’t forget to shoot her tits in a nice fetish way. I think this sex has a good quality of it.

Nana enjoyed this shooting, especially being bondaged in rope. She has been looking for it. She never shows her masochism nature before. By doing that, she could be what she is in this video.