GAS-319 Super Horny Mysterious K-cupped tits, Kimiko debut :Kimiko Kano


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GAS-319 Super Horny Mysterious K-cupped tits, Kimiko debut

Actress Kimiko Kano Price 60 USD
45 EUR
Release Date 2014/5/1 Number GAS-319
Time 120 min.

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Director Akira Takatsuki

This is a second DVD of Sextraordinary Horny New Face Series. She is a celebrity wife with 124 cm giant tits. Tited, beautiful and above all, when it comes to sex she is a horny fish in water. Once she starts, she never let you go. She is on an exclusive contract with GAS. I can’t tell you well how good she is. She wears the sun glasses to disguise.

1. First softcore

Her smiles in the opening scene tell you how good she is if she is your wife. She has a nice asset, beautiful and adorable…that’s what you would say about her. But she is lonely since her husband is away from her on a long-term job assignment. Guess what? She wanks her vagina every day.
Just touch her and you will know her body is so sensitive. She asks you “rub my tits hard, pinch and pull my nipples, my nipples get hard, lick them slowly and bite them” and so on. She looks so horny when she asks that way. Her nice body smells like a female pheromone. her ass, when she sticks it out, shapes great. When her vagina gets wet, her butt can grind without her will. On top of that, she licks her nipples to force her cum. Once she cums, she changes quickly to offense you. She is glad to do so. She tries her tit jobs to tease the guy. Finally she gulps the cum load and looks it tastes so great.

2. She make a cherry boy cum

We leave her an inexperienced boy who just lost his cherry. He still shakes his hands but she tries to relax him. She teaches him how to touch, kiss, lick so on. Her blow job is so good that he can’t hold, and explodes it. She cleans his dick and still has it in her hands. He said he can’t get it up again but she does so quickly. She rides on him and starts her rough ride. He wants to look at her pussy. Instead she teaches how to lick, finger and squirt it. As he wants it, she does the titty job to explode him again. He was so amazed he did it twice.

3. Bang and shoot in fetish style

We are now in the hotel room that has a gorgeous night view. Her tits shape and looks great. We put her in a nice outfit (we used it for the video jacket picture). She acts like this is her private moment and says “we are alone now. I wanna make love”. She does not hesitate at all in front of the camera. Once she starts blowing, she never let it go. In this scene, I tried to show you her nice ass and tits. The guy cums in her mouth and she swallows it. This is her first shooting but she nicely did her first bang and shoot with him.

After shooting comments on her
My camera staff commented on her “she acts good like a few-year experienced actress”. All actors says she played very horny and well. If she learns acting more she would be a great one”. I also wants to say she has something nice that attracts guys and makes them in love”.