Monthly Eren Joe

Actually Eren was an actress of difficult, in a way. Her funs of course know she is good-natured. However, her character of heal may be described as motherhood rather than womanhood. I would bring out rather womanhood from Eren. I found after a few shootings that "she may be a total nasty." It was the reason that SM play and light domination was done in last "Eren Joe, a mother-in-law"
The shooting plan in this work was three-some with African Americans, dyke sex in huge tits, private shooting in Okinawa, and anal-bang which would make you hype. I wanted this video to be linked to the next work by Eren Joe.
・Three-some with African Americans
This was what I wanted to do since before. I was always imaging the character like the Anglo-Saxons without Japanese madam actresses. She was totally pumped. She was trying to communicate singing some English songs she couldn't speak English well though and she was feeling cum like an American porn actress. L
・Dyke sex in Huge tits
Eren's first dyke sex. Her partner was an 'applied" amateur Eren-wanna-be chick with 115 cm the size of J cup tits. She was working "Dyke sex call service" for woman. It was perfect. "W Bakunyu" and "Rennyu" played in last video "W Bakunyu" were performed.(which people watched the video only know.)
・Private shooting in Okinawa
Actually Eren was there in Okinawa with us when shooting "Augoi Karada, Kagari Manatsu" last year.It was total Eren's private in Okinawa. This scene was shot Hamedori (acter holdig a handy video camera). Watch out her tits got smaller by esthetics. You may be surprised again at the present size of tits. It will be shown the photo by cell phone camera at the first contact with her in the extra special chapter. It is so awesome huge tits!
・Anal bang
"Hate anal play!" Eren saying with deep anxiety. It extended a hole taking time slowly. "It may feel me rather good" "All over it・・・" It can be seen her emotion changes. It became the best preferable sex scene I don't like anal bang privately though.
It became the best of all works starred Eren Joe. The title "Monthly Eren Joe" doesn't mean release every month but somewhat like a variety show. This got a masterpiece in her video.